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Obtain Cyprus Citizenship

Obtain Cyprus Citizenship Passport There are two methods of obtaining the Cyprus Citizenship; either by applying for citizenship after residing […]

Annual Fees Introduced for Companies Registered in Cyprus

On 31 August 2011, amendment law No 2 of 2011 to the Cyprus Companies Law, Cap 113 was published in […]

Amendments to Cyprus Tax Laws

On 26 August 2011 the House of Representatives voted a first package of austerity measures directed at improving the public […]

Russia/Switzerland Double Tax Treaty Revision – New Protocol Signed

The new double tax treaty between Russia and Switzerland has been signed (‘Protocol’) last week. Subject to ratification by both […]

Cyprus Bank Stress Test

CYPRUS’ three main banks, Bank of Cyprus (BoC), Marfin Laiki and Hellenic Bank passed the EU-wide bank stress tests coordinated […]

Private International Collective Investment Schemes – PICIS

Under the International Collective Investments Scheme (ICIS) Law (No.47 (1) of 1999), the Central Bank of Cyprus is designated as […]

Cyprus and Germany – Sign a New Double Tax Treaty

Cyprus and Germany have signed a new Double Tax Treaty (DTT) agreement replacing the 1974 DTT. The agreement was signed […]

The Dutch B.V. in a Glance

Netherlands has more than 85 double tax treaties which combined with its holding company tax regime makes it an attractive […]


New Tax Measures 2011   Changes in the Cyprus Tax Law   As from 14 December 2010 the Cyprus Parliament […]

Cyprus Tax Calendar 2011

                                                                                         INCOME TAX                                                                                  COMPANIES INDIVIDUALS End of each month Payment of tax withheld from the employees’ salaries during […]

Cyprus and Slovenia New Double Tax Treaty

After the visit of the President of Slovenia in Cyprus on the 12th October 2010, a new Double Tax Treaty […]

Cyprus and Denmark New Double Tax Treaty Agreement

On 11th October 2010, Cyprus and Denmark signed a new double tax treaty agreement which aims to replace the agreement […]

Luxembourg Certain Tax issues for Corporations

Luxembourg is not a tax haven but it offers interesting tax regimes for corporate structures who can benefit from participation […]

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