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Cyprus, based on its geographical position and having one of the warmest climate in the Mediterranean is one of the most popular jurisdictions to live! Combining the above with the attractive tax and investment system, Cyprus is the ideal jurisdiction to invest too!

Top quality services and solutions are offered from Globalserve Consultants Ltd able to assist and advice you to have a successful business structure and tax planning and also gain the Cyprus Citizenship for you and your family!

Advantages for you and your family
Advantages for your business
  • Able to work, travel and reside in all EU countries and enjoy a number of benefits
  • No residency requirement
  • Cypriot citizens have the right to study in other European Countries under the same conditions as the nationals of the country.
  • Citizenship can also be granted to the spouse and children too
  • Investor’s parents are eligible to apply
  • Certificates granted are recognized in the EU members




  • Investments in various sectors of Cyprus economy
  • Investments in Cyprus have low risk possibilities with potential of high returns
  • The investment may be realized after 3 years
  • Free movement of goods and capital to other European countries
  • Low tax benefits i.e. lowest corporate tax rate, double tax treaties etc
  • Best holding company destination with tax exemption of dividend received and capital gains from sale of securities with no withholding taxes or inheritance tax 
  • Reliable business environment based on common law system and with highly professional services


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