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Cyprus Citizenship

There are two methods of obtaining the Cyprus Citizenship; either by applying for citizenship after residing in Cyprus for at least 7 years or by applying for a Certificate of Naturization

A foreign national can apply for the Cyprus Citizenship when he legally and uninterruptedly resides in Cyprus for at least 7 years (last year should be uninterrupted) and being of a good financial standing. It is though, up to the Government’s discretion to approve such application.

However, the Ministry of Interior may also grant to a foreign citizen who satisfies him that he fulfills the requirements for naturalization as stated below “A Certificate of Naturalization”. This person to whom the Certificate of Naturalization is granted, as soon as he gives official assertion of faith to the Republic of Cyprus becomes a Cyprus citizen as a result of naturalization from the date of such a certificate.


The requirements are as follows:

–          Direct investments: At least CY 15 million (e.g. immovable property, factories etc.)


–          Business activities: Establishment in Cyprus of company/ies of a total turnover CY 50 million of the previous of the application year


–          Importation of new technologies, investigation centers etc


–          Deposits in Banks: At least CY 10 million 5 year notice


–          Combination of the above of at least CY15 million


–          Other requirements:

  • 30 years of age and over
  • Certificate of non criminal record
  • Owner of permanent residence in Cyprus
  • Residing in Cyprus for the last 12 months prior to the application

Information and Documents Required for Naturalization of Foreigners

1. Copies of All Passports pages with stamps of arrival-departure from Cyprus

2. 4 recent photos

3. Criminal Records Certificate – original (with apostil)

4. Certificates of all the companies, the Applicant owns

5. Sale-Purchase Agreement or Title Deed for his/her immovable property in Cyprus address

6. Current occupation of the Applicant, name of the company and its address

7. Full names, addresses and citizenship of his/her gather and mother (if alive)

8. Family status of the Applicant: single / married / divorced / widow /er

a. Birth certificate, Marriage Certificate – translated

b. Address of the Applicant’s spouse (if different)

c. Copy of the 1st page of the spouse’s passport

d. Full names, dates of birth, address, occupation of the applicant’s children

9. Diplomas/studies of the Applicant, employments in the past

10. Residences permit in Cyprus (if any)

11. Audited accounts, Tax clearance Certificate for the Company

12. Bank reference’s to company’s accounts of the Applicant (turnover for the year precedent to application for naturalization, fixed deposits – balances as of today)

Please do not hesitate to contact our offices for any further information on this matter.

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