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Θέλετε να λάβετε τον οδηγό Κυπριακών Επιχειρήσεων εντελώς δωρεάν?

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While expanding our services internationally we are pleased to inform you that our list of international jurisdictions for the opening of bank account has expanded! Our Bank liaison Department is at the pleasant position to open bank accounts in the following jurisdictions:


Austria Cayman Islands Liechtenstein Mauritius Islands Switzerland
Bahamas Cyprus Luxembourg Santa Lucia UAE
Belize Latvia Malta Singapore UK


Our bank liaison department officers remain at your disposal for any further clarifications. You may contact the department by sending an email at [email protected] .

Requirements in order to open a Bank Account

1. Certified true copy of the signature and photograph page or pages that are clear and obvious, of the current passport of the Beneficial Owner/s, director and bank signatory if different

2. Certified true copy of a recent utility bill, or identity card showing the Beneficial Owner/s address, director and signatory if different

3. Bank reference letter of the Beneficial Owner/s, director and signatory, if different.


In case the shareholders are legal entities then additionally to the above, the companies’ statutory documents have to be submitted based on the requirements of the different jurisdictions: Certified true copy or with apostile of the following:

1. Certificate of incorporation

2. The Memorandum & Article of Association

3. Certificate of incumbency or Extract from the Trade registry showing the names of the shareholders and directors , or if the jurisdiction does not provide the said documents then the following are required a. Registered address b. Director and Shareholders c. Good Standing (in case of an old company)

4. Share Certificates


Furthermore, the client needs to be able to answer to the below questions:

1. Provide in full detail the company’s main business activities

2. The location of business activities

3. Countries to which payments are to be effected

4. Source and origin of funds to be deposited

5. Estimated annual turnover



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