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Limassol is situated on the southern coast of the island of Cyprus with around 170.000 inhabitants. It is the second largest city of Cyprus after Nicosia, the capital of the Republic of Cyprus.

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Limassol today is the biggest business and financial center of Cyprus and gives the opportunity to local and international companies to act and establish their business activities successfully. In Limassol you can meet service providers, legal advisors, tax consultants and business centers providing specific and professional services aiming to your business success. Based on the above, Limassol also attracts banks with worldwide activities, raising the level of financial service offered. The above is the result of the low tax corporate rate of 12,5% which attracts more investors in the island of Cyprus.

Furthermore, the port of the city is the largest in Cyprus and one of the busiest ports in the Mediterranean transit trade. The city attracts hundreds of shipping and transportation companies for the establishment of their business headquarters there.

The high quality of life offered allows the prosperity of the inhabitants and the tourist services too, giving the opportunity to the visitor to relax and enjoy his holidays in one of the most popular cities in Europe.



  • Buses: you can take a bus from the airport driving you directly to the city center, it takes from 40 minutes to one hour maximum and the ticket costs around 10 euros
  • Taxi: you can take a taxi from the airport, the transportation usually costs 50 – 60 euros
  • Rent a car: there is also the possibility to rent a car from the airport and have a good deal with the agent if you arrange it before your arrival. If not, you can discuss with the agents at the airport any time.



You can find 3* or 4* or 5* hotels, apartments and villas in Limassol available in really good prices. With a budget or not there is no reason to worry about your accommodation. 4* and 5* luxurius hotels are situated in the coastline of the city giving you the opportunity to enjoy the sun and relax. If you wish to rent an apartment or a villa, there are many options in the city center, the old city as well as to the mountains.



  • Amathunta

This historical point is 11km east of Limassol

  •  Kourion Theater

Kourion is located 18km, west of Limassol

  •  Kolossi Castle

Kourion is located 18km, west of Limassol in the village



The Limassol District Archaeological Museum


Municipal Museum Of Folk Art


Limassol Medieval Museum, Limassol Castle



Enjoy the experience offered to Limassol Marina! You can relax and have a lunch or dinner in the restaurants or have a coffee and drink to the coffee bars. Limassol Marina is also an ideal place for shopping to the elegant designed boutiques.

The Limassol Marina’s spa and fitness club offers a professional team of consultants for all wellness, health, fitness and lifestyle goals.

Luxury apartments and villas are also available for rent for a long or short term.

Limassol Marina is recommended by the Customer Relations Unit of our company Melina Pavlou, Annita Demetriou, Elena Papandreou, Stella Makri and Lina Gourovanidou.


It is situated between Molos and Limassol Marina. The old harbor transformed into a fishing harbor and the area around it has also been completely transformed into an amazingly beautiful tourist center offering to the visitor the possibility to walk there each time of the day. Gastronomical and entertainment options within the brand new “old port” are too many. Cafes and restaurants of every kind and taste are able to satisfy all moods.

Old Harbor of Limassol is recommended by Globalserve Marketing and Human Resources, Xenia Iasonos


  • Molos Park Limassol molos LEMESOU_DIMOS LEMESOU

You can run, walk, ride a bike, do skating and have fun with your family and friends, kids can play at the playgrounds and parents can relax. The area is the paradise of old and young people. Locals used to walk and eat ice cream or roasted corn and walk. Café restaurants offer traditional drinks like Cyprus coffee or local squash drinks and gourmet plates too.


  • Castle square

The square is located opposite the old harbor and around the medieval castle and museum of the city. You can taste the gourmet and the traditional cuisine too and listen the street musicians.


  • Saripolou Square

It is located in the old city closed to the Limassol Municipal and is one of the most popular locations for locals and tourists. In the morning you can have your coffee in the quiet square and in the night you can have a drink in the bars and dance


  • Limassol Zoo

Visit Limassol Zoo with your family and friends and meet “Agrino” which can be met in the mountains of Paphos only. Furthermore, it accommodates a diverse selection of animals, an average of 300, including birds. The residents of the zoo include crocodiles, zebras, monkeys, otters, hippopotamuses and more animals from Europe, Asia, Africa, USA and Australia.


It is located to Fasouri area out of the city center and it is one of the most famous waterparks in Mediterranean awarded from TripAdvisor.


  • Limassol beaches

Limassol has the longest coastline of all the other cities in Cyprus!

See below many of them:

Ladies’ Mile (Lady’s Mile)

Governor’s Beach

Kourion (Chris Blue) Beach

Pissouri Beach

La Isla Beach



Agros    AGROS

The village is situated 35 km north of Limassol at an altitude of around 1100 m above sea level.

It is considered as one of the most interesting mountain villages of Cyprus and since it is found at the “heart” of the Pitsilia region, it is perceived as the “main” village in the area. Agros is known for its rose water industry, as well as other local products.

Population: 800 permanent residents
Distance from Limassol: 35 km. 40-minute drive

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Immersed in green, the village of Platres is situated 39 km northwest of Limassol, very close to Troodos Square (9 km). It is one of the most famous resorts in Cyprus and known for its green landscape, the very good summer climate, and the nightingales, which are mentioned in George Seferis poem “Helen”.

The Greek poet had written that “the nightingales won’t let you sleep in Platres”. The village is built in the form of an amphitheater, meaning that the lower part and the higher part of the village have a different altitude. The average altitude of Platres is estimated to be 1200 meters.

Residents: 151 permanent residents according to the latest records, although the population reaches up to 10,000 inhabitants during the summer months.

Distance from Limassol: 39 km. 40-minute drive



Phini is situated approximately 48 kilometers north-west of the town of Limassol at an average altitude of 990 meters above sea level. It is a very beautiful village, with a rich tradition, well-known in the whole of Cyprus for its pottery (pitharia) and products



Population: 446 permanent residents
Distance from Limassol: 44km, 30-35 minute drive

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One of the most famous villages of Cyprus, Omodos is located 42 kilometers northwest of Limassol, in the geographical region of the wine-making villages. It is situated near the western bank of the river Cho Potami, at an average altitude of 810 meters.OMODOS

It is considered one of the most picturesque villages, attracting many tourists throughout the year. It is estimated that one million visitors pass through Omodos every year.

Residents: 410 permanent residents, although there are many individuals (Cypriots and foreigners), who are either taking their vacations or are visiting the village.

Distance from Limassol: 42 km. 40-minute drive

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Vouni, a picturesque village with cobbly alleys, traditional houses with wooden doors, large windows, narrow balconies and inside yards, attracts both locals and foreigners with its rich architectural heritage, who see it as an outdoor museum of the life and culture of the mos


t recent centuries.

It is located in the Krasochoria region of the Lemesos District, on an altitude o

f 800 metres above sea level. The village spreads on a slope with a southern gradient. The village’s landscape is “impressive with its high peaks reaching a height of 1153 metres at the location ‘Moutti tou Afami’, north of the settlement, and the beds of the rivers ‘Chapotami’ in the west and ‘Kryos Potamos’ in the east”.

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Limassol is the 2nd biggest shopping center of Cyprus too.

The most important districts are Anexartisias Street and Agiou Andrea in the old city. You can find boutiques and jewelries of local designers as well as souvenir shops.

You can also shop in Makarious III Ave and Kolonakiou Street too. To those well known shopping areas, you can find plenty of clothes, footwear, leather accessories and more.

My Mall Limassol is another one suggested place for your shopping. You can spend a couple of hours there not only for shopping, lunch or dinner, coffee, and have fun in the bowling, ice ring or play with your kids in the play area.

Shopping Stores in Limassol are opened 7 days a week!




Limassol offers a huge selection of different cuisines. We recommend you to visit the local taverns and traditional restaurants.


See below 5 Cyprus traditional dishes !!!

Souvla: the most popular dish of Cyprus!

Big pieces of pork and lamb meat cooked on a long skewer over a charcoal barbecue. Cypriots eat souvla to traditional and family celebrations


Sieftalies: with minced pork

It looks like kebab but it tastes and smells different. It also contains cinnamon, parsley, onion and black pepper. Eat sieftalies with souvlaki, Cyprus pitta, village salad and yogurt.


Halloumi: Cyprus salted cheese with spearmint  HALLOUMI


Halloumi can also be used in your sandwich, omelets and salads. You can eat halloumi uncooked or roasted


Koupepia: with minced pork and rice

It’s the same with Greek ntolmadakia stuffed with rice, pork or beef, fresh herbs and seasoning, cooked in a tomato sauce. Koupepia can be served with yogurt and salad or can be a part of meze plater.


Afelia: pork meat with red with

Small pork meat pieces marinated and cooked in a red dry wine with cilantro. It can be served with “patates antinaktes”



It looks like Italian ravioli but is bigger with halloumi, spearmint and eggs


And more…

Koupes with meat or mushrooms, Flaounes, Sousouko, Palouze, Traxanas, Pourgouri, Loukoumades


Cyprus charcuterie


Sausages (loukaniko)




Cyprus Drinks

Koumandaria Wine: one of the most famous wines of Cyprus  KOUMANTARIA_KOT

The wine is produced in ’Koumandaria’ region which is located on the southern slopes of the Troodos range, to the north of Lemesos (Limassol).

Our Bank Department Alexandra Kazakou, Polina Christouand Sofia Vasiliou recommends tasting Koumandaria produced in the Panagias Amirous Monastery closed to Apsiou village.


Zivania or zivana: Stin Ygeia mas!ZIVANIA_KOT

It is a Cypriot pomace brandy produced from a mixture of grape pomace and local dry wines made from grapes. It is similar with the Greek tsipouro and tsikoudia. With zivania you can eat sousouko, lountza, Cyprus sausage and loukoumades




It is organized every year at the end of August at the Limassol Zoo Park. Every year attracts thousands of locals and people from other cities too. You have the opportunity to taste wines from more than 20 wineries of Limassol which are also exported in Europe, Australia and America.

Limassol Wine Festival is recommended by our “Overseas Department” Georgia Papadopoulou, Elena Strati and Stephanie Papapanagiotou. They suggest to taste Cyprus mezedes like regga, souvlaki, pastourma, sieftalia, as well as sousouko.


Roses Festival – Agros Village

Annual Festival every May
During the festival, visitors have the chance to visit the local workshops and learn all about the distillation of roses. They can also visit the rose exhibition and various kiosks that sell traditional products. At the same time, people can enjoy folk dance and music performances throughout the duration of the Rose Festival. All the sights of the village are open to the public.–rose-festival-agros,4,0,en


Cyprus-Russian Festival

It is organized every year in June at the Limassol Zoo Park and is supported from the Russian Embassy in Cyprus


It will be a pleasure to welcome you in Limassol!


Globalserve Team!

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