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What are the VAT deadlines for 2019?

All Cyprus VAT registered companies belong to a different VAT category depending on their business activities. VAT categories are the […]

Financial statements for 2018 must be prepared for Cyprus Companies

Αll Cyprus companies regardless if they are dormant or not, have an obligation to prepare and file audited financial statements […]

Social Insurance Contribution Tax is increased

As from January 1st 2019, Social Insurance Contribution Tax is increased from 7,8% to 8.3% for employers and employees and […]

Benefits from Intellectual Property protection

In demanding marketplaces of our time, Intellectual property (IP) rights are essential for the survival of a business as they […]

Why you should set up your company in Cyprus?

Introduction Located in the Eastern Mediterranean, at the crossroads of three continents, namely Europe, Asia and Africa, and having one […]

Intellectual Property Rights_IP Rights

The great importance of IP for businesses and the main types of IP existing in Cyprus   Why is IP […]

New filming scheme: why should you consider filmmaking in Cyprus?

On September 2018, the scheme for the promotion of the film industry and the promotion of the Republic of Cyprus […]

General Data Protection Regulation

What is it On 25th of May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation on personal data of the EU (the “GDPR”) […]

Kyriakos Antoniou and Associates LLC

Establishment of our affiliated company Kyriakos Antoniou and Associates LLC and legal services offered A new established law firm in […]

Kyriakos Antoniou and Associates LLC is a licensed immigration service provider
5/10/2018 Юридическая фирма Kyriakos Antoniou и Associates LLC, член группы Globalserve, зарегистрирована в рамках «Комитета по надзору и контролю за […]

Data Protection Commissioner

The Data Protection Commissioner intends to start audits to verify compliance of organizations by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) in September […]

Keep up-to-date your accounting records

It was never easy to keep up to date your accounting records and pay on time your tax obligations. Globalserve […]

Limassol, an attractive location in Mediterranean

INTRODUCTION Limassol is situated on the southern coast of the island of Cyprus with around 170.000 inhabitants. It is the […]

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