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As from January 1st 2019, Social Insurance Contribution Tax is increased from 7,8% to 8.3% for employers and employees and the new rate will be applicable for the next five years.


For self employeed individuals Social Insurance Contribution Tax is also increased from 14,6% to 15,6% and there are minimum and maximum limits depending on the profession or trade of the self-employed individual. These limits are set on an annual basis.


Table below shows rates for 2019:




Social Insurance Contributions



Social Cohesion Fund



Redundancy Fund



Industrial Training Fund



Holiday Fund (if not exempt)




Note 1: Social cohesion fund is calculated on total emoluments and has no maximum level.


Note 2: As from 1st of January 2019, the maximum amount applicable for Social Insurance Contribution purposes is €54.648 p.a. for monthly paid employees, €54.652 p.a. for weekly paid employees, €4.554 per month for monthly paid employees and €1.051 per week for weekly paid employees.

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