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What is digital nomad?

Digital nomads are individuals who work remotely form many different countries using technology to perform their job.

The digital nomad Visa

Many countries and especially the ones depend on tourism to be able to attract the Digital Nomads Community now a days offer a new type of visa named “Digital Nomad Visa”.

This type of visa allows to its holders to stay longer to the digital nomad destination (Cyprus) that the holders of tourist visa, they can enjoy the sun and lifestyle of the island while working for companies who operate outside the country.


Who can apply for the “Digital Nomad Visa”?

Beneficiaries of the above scheme are third country nationals (EU and NON-EU) who:

- Can perform work remotely through telecommunications technology;

- Are employed in a company registered abroad, for which they can work location-independently, or are self-employed offering services remotely for clients located abroad;

- Can prove that they have stable and sufficient monthly net income of at least €3500 (after the deduction of contributions and taxes).


What are the benefits of the Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa?

Individuals that are granted with a Digital Nomad residence permit will benefit from the following:

- Right of residence for a year in Cyprus, with a possibility of renewal for further two years.

- Right of residence for family members, for the same period as the Digital Nomad, without the right to be employed of perform economic activity in Cyprus.

- If they reside in the Republic for one of more periods that in total exceed 183 days within the same tax year, then they are considered tax residents of Cyprus, provided they are not tax residents in any other country.


Family members

- Digital Nomad’s family members can reside in Cyprus for the same period as the Digital Nomad, without the right to be employed of perform any economic activity in Cyprus.

- Family members include the spouse/ partner in a civil union and underaged children.

- Family members also need to obtain a temporary residence permit.

Application and certificates required to obtain the Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa

Application along with the required documents should be submitted to the Civil Registry and Migration Department within three months of the arrival of the beneficiary in Cyprus.  

  • Minimum salary coming from abroad 3,500 per month, increased by 20% for spouse and 15% for any minor child
  • Medical insurance that covers in-patient, out-patient and transportation of mortal remains
  • Declaration that the applicant and depended family members do not provide or intend provide services any services to Cyprus company or clients located in Cyprus.
  • Clean criminal record issued from the country of residence
  • Suitable accommodation in the Republic of Cyprus must be signed

*Examination time is 5-7 weeks

**Duration of the VISA

  • A first temporary residence permit is issued with a validity of one year.
  • In case of renewal, the temporary residence permit is issued with a validity of maximum two years.

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