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Limited Company

This type of company is applicable for a wide range of economic objects, in particular for active international commercial transac- tions, as a holding organization for subsidiary companies and for many more purposes. The minimum capital must be CHF 50 000, EUR 50 000 or USD 50 000. A Liechtenstein Company may have bearer or registered shares which are admissible; the minimum nominal value is not stipulated. It is also possible to issue voting shares.

Submission of Balance Sheet

The annual account examined by the audit authority is required to be submitted to the Liechtenstein Tax Administration.

New Tax Act of January 2011

The new Tax Act came into force in January 2011 (Act of 23 September 2010 concerning National and Municipal Taxes – “Gesetz vom 23. September u”ber die Landes- und Gemeindesteuern”), gave the Principality of Liechtenstein simple, internationally compati- ble tax laws which are compliant with European law.

Tax on earnings

In general terms, tax on earnings for all legal entities domiciled in the Principality of Liechtenstein amounts to 12.5% of taxable net earnings, with a minimum tax charge of CHF 1,200.00 per annum. Capital and coupon taxes are no longer imposed.

The attributable tax base does not include:

  • Dividends
  • Capital gains
  • Earnings of non-domestic permanent establishments
  • Real estate capital gains
  • VAT: The VAT generally amounts to 8 %.

The VAT is levied on:

  • All domestic deliveries of goods and the provision of services;
  • The importation of goods;
  • Goods consumed and services provided domestically;
  • Services in excess of CHF 10 000.– procured abroad
  • For certain articles of daily use (e.g. food and beverage as well as cereals, medicaments, newspapers) a reduced rate of VAT is applied. At the present time this amounts to 2.5 %.
  • Exports are exempt from VAT.

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