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Since the 1st of July 2019 the service of certified translation of documents which was previously provided by the Translation Department of the Press and Information Office is transferred to the Sworn Translators. The function of Sworn Translator is introduced in Cyprus by the Registration and Regulation of the Services of the Sworn Translator Law, 45(Ι)/2019 (hereinafter referred to as the “Law”).

From now on, any person interested to obtain a certified translation has to refer to a Sworn Translator who must be a member of the Registry of Sworn Translators of the Council of Registration of Sworn Translators (hereinafter referred to as the “Registry”), as provided by the Law. It is pointed out that the subject matter of this new legislation is official certified translations and the right to do an unofficial translation, which is owned by everyone, is not in any way excluded or criminalized.  

Definition of “certified translation”

According to the Law, “certified translation” means the valid and true translation of a written text or document from a foreign language to Greek or Turkish language and vice versa, as well as from the Greek language to Turkish language and vice versa, which bears the official seal of the Republic of Cyprus and is duly stamped.

Requirements for registration to the Registry

Any translator who meets the following cumulative conditions is entitled to apply and be registered as a member of the Registry:  

  1. He/she is a citizen of Cyprus or is married to a citizen of Cyprus or of a Member State of the European Union and he/she is ordinary resident in Cyprus;
  1. He/she has very good knowledge of Greek and/or Turkish language;
  1. He/she is a holder of University degree or Master degree or equivalent qualification which is recognised by the provisions of Recognition of Higher and Tertiary Education Diplomas and Provision of Relevant Information Law, on one of the following directions: (i) translation of any language, (ii) foreign languages, or (iii) other subjects provided that the qualification on other subject was obtained from his/her attendance at a university which operates in a foreign country at which the language of instruction is the official language of the said country.
  1. He/she has not been convicted of any offence involving dishonesty or moral turpitude;
  1. He/she has not been dismissed and his/her services have not been terminated from an occupation in the public service or educational service or any other public entity because of disciplinary misconduct; and
  1. He/she has passed the written examination carried out by the Council of Registration of Sworn Translators (hereinafter referred to as the “Council”) for this purpose, unless he/she is a holder of University degree or Master degree or equivalent qualification which is recognized in Cyprus on direction of translation and on 27/03/2019 he/she has been already practicing the occupation of translator for a continuous period of 2 years or he/she is included in the existing special registry of associates translators of Press and Information Office.

Procedure of registration to the Registry

Any person interested to be registered to the Registry must submit an application with the necessary evidence of the above qualifications and certificate of criminal record, issued on the last three months, and must pay the relevant fees.  The “source-language” and the “target-language”, namely the language from which and the language to which the translator is translating, must be determined in the application.

Within two months by the announcement of the written examination’s results or by the receipt of all necessary evidence, the Council examines the application. The Council may request more information or approve the application and issue the registration certificate or reject the application providing a reasoned decision. In case of rejection, the decision can be challenged by the applicant.

Following the registration to the Registry, the registration certificate must be filed to the Court. Within two months from his/her registration, the translator has to take the oath or give assurance before the Council.

Life term and renewal of the registration

The registration is valid for five years and it can be renewed for periods of another five years each time, by filing a new application. However, the applicant does not need to give examination again for renewal purposes. The Council decides on the renewal of the registration within thirty days from the filing of all information and evidence.

Access to the Registry

The Registry is accessible to the public through the following link:



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