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Globalserve Consultants Ltd is one of Limassol's leading multidiscipline Cyprus accounting firms.

Our professional and qualified accountants offer accounting services, bookkeeping services, preparation of financial statements, accounting financial management, VAT and tax services, and accounting payroll services to Cyprus companies and individual accounts in Cyprus as well as to international companies.

Additionally, in coordination with tax advisors, we can advise and assist you in your accounting, financial, VAT, and tax obligations, providing you professional support for Cyprus, the UK, and other international business companies (British Virgin Islands, Belize, United Arab Emirates, Seychelles, Panama, Malta, Hong Kong, etc.).


VAT And Accounting Services in Cyprus and other international businesses:

  • VAT and Accounting consultancy based on your business activities and your needs
  • Financial Accounting Services
  • Bookkeeping/ Accounting services based on records received by the client
  • Preparation of management financial statements
  • Payroll services
  • Payment of social insurance and employees' taxes (PAYE)
  • Clients account reporting service
  • Preparation and filing of VAT/ VIES returns 

VAT services for Cyprus and UK companies:

Our VAT department can provide consultation on VAT issues as well as accounting and filing of the returns, including:

  • VAT Consultancy
  • VAT registration services in Cyprus and UK
  • MOSS registration services
  • Preparation and submission of VAT/ VIES  returns for Cyprus companies and individuals
  • Deregistration from VAT

Globalserve is a licensed accounting firm member of ICPAC based in Limassol - Cyprus, with long experience in small and medium-sized companies.

Our mission is simple: To provide high-quality accounting services for businesses and individuals in Cyprus and abroad efficiently, honestly, and transparently.

We tailor all services to meet your specific business needs. We will handle all your accounting requirements so you can focus on your business growth. This is the ideal solution for small- and medium-sized businesses.

High-quality solutions for all tax problems in Cyprus. Compliance with all annual obligations and any one-off projects.

Are you a small to medium-sized business? Get in touch with our team today. We guarantee professionalism, efficiency, responsiveness, and professionalism in handling your policy and accounts.

Globalserve Accountants strive to provide error-free work at the highest standards every time. No matter how complex or large the project, quality is our guarantee in handling your data.

Our business philosophy is to keep our fees as transparent as possible day by day. No hidden fees are included in our invoices, and we operate on the principle of honesty and good faith.

Globalserve is large enough to provide the full range of accounting services in a highly professional way but small enough to take care of clients. Globalserve is proud to be able to offer customized and flexible services for all clients, regardless of their circumstances.

Our talented group of accountants is unmatched regarding taxes and accounting advisory on clients' funds. Globalserve accountants have extensive experience in all areas of accountancy.

Globalserve is organized in a way that maximizes our efficiency. Our technology investments make our processes and procedures extremely productive.

We strive to be professional accountants and maintain the highest standards when handling your accounting tax requirements. Our clients are bound to respect confidentiality and integrity.

This authoritative overview explains the complex nature of operating businesses around the world.

Globalserve Cyprus offers a complete range of tax compliance, reporting, and statutory accounting services. According to local laws and directives, the company's books, records, and documents must be kept current. All reports and specifications must be filed and prepared.


EU Directives contain many accounting and tax regulations. We can help you ensure that your company is compliant and takes advantage of the various incentives and exemptions. These directives apply to accounting and tax:

Globalserve Cyprus' tax filing and compliance services include filing Income, Withholding Tax, and filing VAT. We also assist auditors in preparing Corporate Income Tax returns.

Globalserve Cyprus provides banking services by granting clients access to online banking. We can set up bank accounts and pay clients through online banking.

Globalserve Cyprus can assist with the establishment or reorganization of accounting systems. This includes inflationary accounting systems and analysis. We can also help implement software packages, set up accounting control procedures, and prepare financial statements and books for audit purposes. We also offer accounting training.

Globalserve can provide turnkey furnished office spaces for rent in its Cyprus premises. If required, we can provide front desk support and shared office resources.

Contact us to learn how our experts can assist you in growing your business and handling your company's cash. Get in touch if you have any questions or need more information.

It is not easy to run a business. Running a successful business, it takes dedication and time. You must continue to innovate and please customers in your niche. It can be difficult to manage all aspects of your business independently when you have so many things on your plate.

You can't do it all. There are many aspects to the business. Reliable employees work together to make something special. This is what makes a company great. You know the value of having great employees. Sometimes, you may need outside help to manage parts of your business.

A dedicated accounting service is often needed to help businesses maintain their books. To keep things in order, you need to hire good accountants. You need them to ensure your budget is balanced and everything stays on track, and returns are timely submitted while you obtain up-to-date financial results on the business progress for evaluation and immediate action. You may find it challenging to manage the bookkeeping task yourself, especially if you have other responsibilities.

Before you hire an accounting firm, think about what your business needs. It is essential to find the right company to help you. Many firms are very familiar with tax and bookkeeping for large businesses. Some businesses are better suited to work with smaller companies that require expert advice about managing their finance.

It is essential to set up a meeting with the accountant you have chosen. It is essential to discuss all financial details with the accountants. They will need all of the relevant information to do their job effectively. You should ensure you have all the information they need to provide the best service.

There are many types and roles of accountants in Cyprus. You can find large, well-respected firms and other small firms offering accountancy services. People often struggle to identify the type of accountant they require as they are unclear on their responsibilities.

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