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Globalserve services include among others recruiting and employee placement in cooperation with licensed recruiting agent

We provide services in permanent, temporary and contract employment, payroll and HR, as well as CV writing and career advisory services.

Recruitment Services

Following the effort we make to expand the range of our services offered we have also introduced services of recruitment. Recruitment services support and complement the office services we already offer through Globalserve Business Centre such as renting of office space, secretarial support and many more which you may be informed of at the following link Office Services

We are capable of taking over the whole recruitment process. As part of our job, we post advertisements in newspapers and online sites, collect the Cvs, as well as, performing the process of screening and short listing. The basic principle of the recruitment process for us is characterized by professionalism, discretion and respect towards both parties. During our cooperation we ensure confidentiali- ty and privacy of your personal data.

On a daily basis we receive various CVs which are carefully examined and evaluated in order for us to come up with recruitment op- tions and solutions which meet the needs, desires and expectations of each of our clients. All the details and personal information of the interviewers are recorded in an electronic data base where the access is restricted to the few people who work for the recruitment department. With respect to the employer’s identity this is only being revealed when the interest is mutual from both sides or upon instruction of the employer to do so, while the same applies to candidates. We always ask for candidate’s permission in order to pro- ceed and introduce his/her profile to any of our clients. We mainly specialize in the recruitment sector of accounting, tax, internal audit, clerical and administration, corporate services, sales, banking, finance, marketing ,and other relevant employment sectors. Finally, through our data base we can provide you the best candidates that you are looking for. For any additional information please contact Ms Xenia Iasonos at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Company Formation Services

As company formation agents we provide a full range of company formation services in Cyprus. Our company formation administration includes company registration, company incorporation and management of international companies to financial, tax, legal, and banking support, aiming at assisting clients to set up substance, meet their targets, and successfully respond to their business challenges.

 Is Cyprus Company Formation Your Next Wise Step?

For business people, success is all about thinking ahead, looking to the future, seeing openings and making the very best choices based on research, experience and those instinctual feelings that the best entrepreneurs know well. Cyprus has become well known for being a key business centre in Europe and there has been a recent influx of investment and company formation on the island.

The perfect investment destination?

There are several factors that make Cyprus such an inviting proposition. For those looking to Cyprus company formation from English speaking countries, the fact that English is widely spoken, and used within legal documentation is a distinct advantage. At the same time Russian is also found in professional and the retail sector as well as in financial and tourist sector.  There are also some highly lucrative tax incentives for those building their business ventures in Cyprus, not least of which is the incredibly low rate of corporation tax, the most generous level of corporation tax in all of the European Union at just 12.5% as well the tax exemptions to capital gains and dividends received.  Cyprus also maintains many double tax treaties which of course brings even more tax benefits to businesses. Additionally to the above advantages, Cyprus has an excellent legal system based on the Common Law System of UK and experienced , efficient commercial banking

Perhaps you’ll make Cyprus your home too

For those also wishing to make Cyprus their home, there are some current government schemes offering a quick and easy route for investors to become citizens of Cyprus. Seeking residency may not be something you’re looking at right away, but it’s nice to know that you can take that option should you choose to later. Geographically, Cyprus is the most perfect centralised location for any business, on the crossroads of three continents. Additionally it offers a high standard of living, a wonderful climate and with one of the lowest crime rates in Europe it’s a safe place for your business base as well as your family.

What is the first step to Cyprus company formation?

Setting up a new company in Cyprus may be easier than you imagine, especially with Globalserve by your side. Experts in Cypriot law, investments and all aspects of company formation, Globalserve has a highly skilled team on hand to start the ball rolling for you, and to advise you regarding any and every aspect of running your Cyprus based business. Our in depth local know-how will ensure that your company is up and running fast and that the process goes perfectly smoothly. We’ll help you with your applications and all the legal documentation, and we’ll keep you informed every step of the way. Once your business is a complete legal entity, we can then continue to support you with our tax, finance, legal and investment services. Your first step is to get in touch. You’ll find all our contact details on our website. We hope to hear from you soon.


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